Citizens book cover

Disability Citizen Assembly

Purple Power is really motoring now! Encompassing self development, disruptive politics, and innovative business ideas – all for disability inclusion!

With Purple Goat becoming the vehicle for change with global business. Purple Ventures being my outlet to advise disability companies. Purple Power is an outlet for Changemakers and Leaders.

In the spirit of all this clarity and progress. I got to sit down with a fellow author and changemaker, Jon Alexander, to explore together what a disability citizen assembly might look like.

First we hear from Jon about his book ‘citizens’ and why he shared his ideas around a new story to empower all people. But particularly marginalised and disempowered people.

Through this deeply impactful model and language we explore how it could apply to the disability rights movement. Particularly in a new and different world requiring some fresh ideas on what activism is and could become.

We discussed this concept very much in real time. Starting a conversation. Providing you with a platform to share ideas or even ask further questions for us to explore another time.

Please do let us know what you think about the concepts, a disability assembly and your views on social activism (entrepreneurship and changemaking).

The episode is available on Spotify and YouTube.