Update and the taxi card scheme

I think the video tells todays story really.

Quick summary since Sunday is the vans half fixed but needs new wiper system, I’m debating leaving it there while I’m away next week in Germany. This way I don’t have to worry about driving it half fixed and then getting it to the garage while trying to work. Does make getting to the airport next Tuesday a little tricky though with Rich who is also in a wheelchair.

Also been wanting to tie up what this ‘taxi card’ is. If you live in London, tubes are an impossibility. I fortunately drive but if it breaks or I want a drink there is the bus but for example today Victoria station is miles away. Taxis are accessible but expensive. With London residency you apply for a card from your boroughs office – comcab run the scheme which limits hailing any cab and booking isn’t always reliable. However when it works you get an annual limit of 130+ swipes and each swipe knocks £10 of for your £1.50. While limited to 2 swipes a journey means £3 gets you £23 worth of fair, then you pay any over and above, hence bargain journeys compared to usual rates. Just have to watch the overall annual usage not running out – (http://www.comcablondon.com)