Crazy times

What a 24 hours! I headed from my flat last night to come to mums for the hospital appointment this morning. I left at 19.30 to let David help me shower and get dinner and then mum would just have to help me to bed, before we got up and headed to hospital and Beata arrived. Unfortunately Beata had to cover her other employer so good old mum stepped in to sort me until chris starts sunday.

So I head towards the m11 with radio and heater on. 10 mins i realise i am cold and my hands are goint into what weak claw they do in winter. with the new car the accelerator is a little tougher but also i cant reach the heat. so i start to struggle to get above 20 mph going onto the motorway. people are flashing and beeping and i am starting to crap it. 1 hr left and nothing looked optimistic. so i pulled in on hard shoulder to calm and think. i tried to set off and now 10mph is hard. back to hard shoulder i call mum. we decide i cant risk it and called 999. the traffic officers arrived while mum, dave, robbie and jamie head to meet me.

the officers were great – we fired the heater, i moved to next junction and pulled in mcdonalds car park where he bought me a tea. i spoke with alessandra who put a good positive spin on things. then the cavalry arrived. jamie said if i wanted a family reunion their are easier ways lol. so with mum i managed to drive back for sky plus gavin and stacey.

then this morning i headed for the dreaded hospital review. i had blood tests, x-rays, stethoscopes, nutritionists and physio. as mentioned i hadnt had physio in a while and am scared of the physio terrorists. however this time she was very attractive and funny. alleviated the pain some what. so i have been discharged, told to rest for another week with new medicine, go back for more physio and monitor it. i would rather have had “u r fine now” but this is probably the best news. at least its not terrible news but i do need to kick this 100% before getting back to normality.

Thanks for the get well messages guys. the xmas period better watch out providing im back…