Some good news

Hello all I can at last write that my lung is clear, I can breathe and am not feeling half as fretful. (Big sigh….)

So plan is to get my energy and immune system back up where it should be. more sleep and rest. then should be good for work next week. it feels weird like Im in some other dimension of deja vu the last week. just glad to feel better. So David came on the train to start his shift, he’ll be kipping in mums lounge till im up to driving. dont want another thursday night hey. need to see the doc and get my car door mended before heading too.

the time off has given me thinking space i dont normally have the luxury of and ive been able to formulate some good ideas for online ventures around disability – watch this space. also made some good friends through twitter which has be cool and interesting. the web is really so powerful and enlightening. its just the knowing how to apply it and having the time to utilise it…

I have a phone call to tie up the terms of reference and strategy of the membership group which im chairing for the JTSMA – will be good to chat with steve as its stalled with my illness. afterwards some spag bol and the new episodes of cast-off. please check it out, very good dark humour. enjoy your evenings anyway guys 🙂