Is daytime tv an employment strategy?

Having had some time off a month ago and this week with my chest problems I have been tortured by daytime tv. With Loose women and cash in the atlantic I just cant get well quick enough! I wonder if the government deliberately put these programs on to keep unemployment down. Any thoughts out there or am I being harsh. If someone can defend Loose women they can have my second advent calendar with chocolates included.

So other than bad tv Im getting through my How I met your mother DVD well. love this program so much but it worries me how similar to Ted, the main character, I am. Also nearly finished Richard Branson book and am buzzing with ideas for social businesses with the Sibley branding – ok maybe the medicine is effecting my head, but a mans gotta dream, especially when hes out the real world with limited oxygen levels.

Really hoping to be back to work Thursday but need last bottle of medicine from chemists in st.ives fridays, so may be heading back after work friday. then the van door broke so need to get that fixed saturday. with any luck i will be better by the weekend to leave the flat and maybe go to a museum, nothing strenuous. Beata’s back providing last weekend didnt scare her off, or indeed everyone she met didnt scare her off… Almost 3 weeks to xmas. so hoping 2010 brings better luck. in the meantime eastenders and cast-offs to watch tonight.