Disability and entrepreneurship

Disability and entrepreneurship. Disabled founders. Business owners with a long term health condition.

There’s so much to unpack in these words right!?

To speak to it from personal experience, I just wanted to share two things I’ve done in this space the past week.

1) Today I delivered my first university lecture for Leicester business school and Ability Connect. The Entrepreneurs with Disability Development Programme (EDDP) was created by the amazing Mark Esho. I was proud to deliver the marketing module this morning about my entrepreneurial journey and balancing my wellbeing along the way.

2) A week ago I was at the launch event of the Lilac review at Lloyds Bank offices. You may remember I was at the House of Lords last September? Well following on from that, disabled founders (see below), Small Business Britain, the governments Department for Small business and Trade, and Lloyds Bank have launched a groundbreaking initiative to better understand the challenges and solutions. To untap the many great opportunities for disabled founders, and society as a whole.

It was amazing to meet so many familiar and new faces at the launch (as you can see in the video). I’m very excited to be on the steering group for the lilac review, with other disabled business owners like Victoria Jenkins, Sarah Berthon, and Joseph Williams, Mark Esho.

You can learn more about the university course here https://le.ac.uk/school-of-business/working-with-business/aspiring-entrepreneurs-with-disability-development-programme

Plus you can get involved and help make change with the Lilac review here https://lilacreview.com/

Please let me know your thoughts and share to help spread the word.