Sunnier Days

As spring is around the corner, the days are both brighter and warmer as well as waking up feeling so much more achievable – sunnier days are coming. This is also the name of my new facebook group and first event I am setting up. The idea as some will know is around providing new and adventurous activities for disabled people that used to seem impossible. See, there are many suppliers of even the most outrageous things for disabled people, but as I know for one it isn’t always been that simple. I have spent my life knowing leisure activities can be harder – access to a bar, participating in sports, transport to an event and care for the day all impacting more than someone not in a chair. Still, when there is a will there is a way!

I am waiting on final confirmation from the venue on the date, but I have managed to get the conference room at the amazing along with 2 fantastic speakers who work in the media. I really will inform you of more once this is all 100% finalised but I am very excited about this. The idea is that 40 disabled people will attend, hear the stories of the speakers achievements and then partake in a workshop around ideal events, barriers to attending them and solutions. From this regular get-togethers can be arranged for any disabled person, their friends and families too. I really am hopeful this is going to be something amazing.

So other than working full-time, arranging this, eating and sleeping – I met up with Catalina on Thursday after she attended my workshop the other week. was really cool grabbing a drink and a chat. Then yesterday Kerstin arrived from Berlin who I met when I visited Rico last September. She is here till Monday and is currently watching the scum, I mean Arsenal sorry, Vs West Ham. Last night we went to camden for Cathy who I work with’s birthday. Was cool with some of the Scope guys, Beata, her friend and Kerstin. Pretty tired today as you can imagine so chillaxin. Prob some tourism tomorrow and back to work Monday.

Hope you are all well. remember to checkout next week for my article on e campaigning and I will holla soon with the news on this very exciting event in the pipeline 🙂