Launch of new online disability magazine – Disability Horizons

Having blogged for 18 months, completed 200 posts and learnt so many things along the way, this post presents a landmark launch! As my writing has found its style and my views have broadened, I have been keen to offer a platform for other disabled people to speak out about their lives, experiences and opinions too. You may have read some of my guest blogs from Srin and Toby for example?

Having discussed these sentiments with my good friend and travel companion Srin, he came up with an amazing idea. What if we created an online magazine for disabled people, by disabled people. Not an entirely new concept, but we decided if it was to be positive, aspirational and more lifestyles based it would be true to our values. Finally we thought if anyone could contribute, the magazine could go wherever people wanted to take it.

I can now proudly present the first edition of our new online magazine – It features articles on adventurous leisure activities, education, technology, employment and much much more.

We hope you enjoy it, we actively encourage you to feedback and if you have any ideas and want to write an article, please do let us know!


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