Corona Covid19 and Disability

I hope this update finds you well. The world has certainly been through a lot in the past few weeks. I’ve been self isolating from the Corona virus for around 3 weeks now. I’ve no idea, like everybody else, when this will end.

So after getting my head around how to reduce the chances of catching Covid19, I’ve set about creating a positive attitude, newer routine, and generally getting back on with living everyday more positively.

I’ve caught up with friends and family on video calls. We had a hilarious family quiz, which is now weekly. Plus here’s my 2 bunker buddies. I’m lucky to get a daily piece of fresh air with these in a rural area.

The community

As you may have already seen, I’ve shared more on life through my social channels. One update from social media that I have to share here is my piece on the national BBC news about disability and the virus.

Beyond my own fears and concerns, I realised there’s millions of other people like me struggling with elements of the Corona virus crisis. So Liz created this article on helpful tips for this situation. Our team is also planning some positive and entertaining content for these weeks at home. It can’t only be doom and gloom.

New do

Another light relief moment was my #homehaircut thanks to Kasia. What do you think?

Inclusion work

I’ve actually been really busy with work. Keep an eye on things in the coming week for a new campaign we’re launching about care support for people self isolating. As well as a really exciting new partnership about to start.

With less face to face meetings and the travel there and back, I’ve got energy and hours for different things. So I’ve gone big on my free content, just to give back and support more people.

I’ve been livestreaming the new season of #thedailysib on YouTube. With guests, a film review of Crip Camp, and a hyped update about my decluttering exhilaration! Head here to catch up on all the episodes, follow my upcoming insights, and let me know your thoughts. I’d love to get you on as a guest?

Until next time, stay well and stay positive.

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  1. Hi there….I don’t k ow if you remember me or not but I worked with you when you lived in St Ives and were going to University …my name is Mimi Vidot…I was a social worker …well still am but now retired. I shall never forget your approach to life it was inspirational ….it is so wonderful to see you on TV the other week and doing so well not just for yourself but for many others…take care and look after you and yours in these difficult times!!

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