Tiger Tiger and dirty chicken

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I hope you all enjoyed reading and watching about my trip to Cancun. Was definitely an action packed 10 days all in all. Also do email if you have any questions especially on wheelchair access and travelling generally. A few people have enquired on Twitter and Facebook already.

So since arriving back I relaxed and overcame the jetlag back at mums. Also caught up with a few mates back in St.ives last weekend. Grandad Del was back home, a little shaken but on the mend. Seems every knock back is more detrimental in the long run with his age but he is laughing and joking again. Unfortunately Toby is really not good having made some progress when I was away. He still has his chest infection but his liver and kidneys are not good too. He remains in intensive care and I am so worried where this is heading. Just keep praying for him.

Workwise having missed my first week in the new job I started last Monday. My new manager is going on maternity leave soon for 8 months but she is absolutely ace and am looking forward to working with her. The other member of the team is from another charity and I can already tell she is well cool and a good person to work alongside. The role has meant lots of reading and many many meetings. By Friday I was tired but also the demands of the role fell into place and were clear. I need to understand all of the services scope run – living homes, schools, helpline, campaigns and policy work. Then work with fundraising teams – corporate, trusts, events, major donors and individual giving (my old team) to use the information to maximise income for the charity. Really interesting stuff. Have a service visit in Billingshurst next week, then week after I am training in Sheffield and Liverpool as favour to my old team.

The sunnier days event is selling well and my plans are moving to after the event as much as the day itself. With venue, speakers and delegates ready I am looking forward to the day. Then its a matter of using the day as a platform to really improving access to social events for disabled people. I have been having further debates with bbc ouchers and finding it helpful to ensure the event is right from all angles of disability.

This weekend Lena’s friend Tobi from Austria was at Camden crawl and stayed at mine. We kicked it Friday night. My aunt and uncle Rose and Graham took me to lunch Saturday before the lads arrived from St.Ives – J, Craigy and Sam. We got take away, drank, had music and Fifa before going to Tiger Tiger in central London. I have wanted to go here for ages and glad we did but it chucked it down plus I still love Camden more… Jamie managed to buy more dirty chicken than you have ever seen with £20 at 3am, always good when one is wasted 😉 Chilled yesterday with hangover and just been writing articles for 2 hours solid around sunnier days for Hackney Today and an article on mexico for a travel site. Hands need a rest now. May go for wander/drive later before back to work tomorrow. Hope you all had good weekends! 🙂