Background info to BBC interview

This morning, thanks to the lovely Amisha who works tirelessly with the great Scope press team, I was on BBC breakfast. As you know my day job is fundraising, but to be given the chance to speak up on disability issues to 5 million viewers and mention Scope while there was awesome. I jumped at the chance.

Really the video says it all.

It was an early start for me, not being a morning person at all. The taxi came at 6 and had to go some to get me there on time. It was a whirlwind from arriving to finishing, but I am glad with how the piece came out. I am never one to moan and always see the positives. I strived to outline the challenges wheelchair users face, suggest solutions, but also give credit where it is due. A rounded approach.

The online article does focus a little harder at the negatives only, but the points are true and valid

I just hope it showed how something as simple as getting on a train has its issues for disabled people. Fingers crossed it did something to alter perceptions and understanding from Joe Public!

Please follow and support 1 month before heartbreak tomorrow. I will post my contribution here.