Developing a new disability theory

Hey guys, I am overloading my subscribers inbox this week, but there is so much going on. For those arriving here from twitter, do take a look at my recent posts, it is all go!

This little blog is to highlight my first disability webinar tomorrow and give you all a little taster of what is to come.

Firstly tomorrows topic is about the importance of a parents input to their disabled child. A very obvious statement, but the format is to use my personal experiences and broader thoughts to simplify these matters. Disability can be overcomplicated and everyday problems can consume people. The content tomorrow, and indeed all of the webinars, help to de-mystify these issues and give people some goals, resources and a positive mindset to crack on with life.

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Beyond launching the disability webinars, I am working on various other things. The theory I mentioned above is being finalised, sent to a graphic designer before I am going to write an e-book on the subject. Keep an eye out and fear not, this book will also be free! See how good to you I am.

The theory will be an overarching explanation of life for a disabled person. The webinars, future e-books and e-courses will all be my way of delivering the vital information you need to succeed in whichever and whatever part of life you so choose. Sounds a bit complicated and mysterious, but I promise the book will explain all very simply and enable you to excel as a result.

So I am off to finish the slides for tomorrow night. Please do share the webinar links with others who may benefit and let me know if you have any hitches. Take care, Martyn