The Hardest Hit

Evening everyone. I hope you have all been to, shown support for, or at least been aware of the hardest hit marches today? If you are on twitter checkout the #hardesthit hashtag and get up to speed on the days events here

I had an unfortunate turn of events after returning from my great trip to Edinburgh that resulted in my not being able to attend the London March today. Of all ironies, my carer who flies from Poland had her flight cancelled. My PAs change over at 2pm Friday and from yesterday afternoon I was faced with a difficult prospect of a weekend ahead. I rely on my PAs for so much and staying alone for even 2 hours is not an option. On top of this my mum, who always comes to the rescue, is in Tenerife. I am very fortunate to have a 22 year old sister who is happy to help with my personal care, turn me over at night and who is basically lovely. My dad also lives near mums house in Cambridgeshire, so between my sister and dad I have been ok.

Having taken the survival instinct decision to drive back to my hometown for these reasons, it meant I had to cancel my plans in London. I was due to meet friends from Scope at Jamie Olivers restaurant followed by a different crew of Scope mates at the pub. I was then hosting Mr.Mathew Sutton tonight, a tweet up with him (@smegfirk) and @hellycopeland tomorrow lunchtime., finishing off with a concert tomorrow night. Most importantly moving onto the point of this post, I couldn’t attend a march to protect disabled people’s rights.

This occurrence, although very frustrating, illustrates a very important point! If something as unfortunate, isolated and rare as my PA not being able to work can cause such disruption, stress, worry and impact: IMAGINE IF THE GOVERNMENT CUTS RESULTED IN THIS EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE WEEK!!!

You guys know me, know my situation, know my attitude to life, know how hard I work, know my likes, dreams and aspirations. This could all fall down with the cuts. By investing in disabled people just like me; yes there are costs, but compared to the physical and emotional deterioration I would have, I can promise you the ‘costs’ would be more as a result. Furthermore, the value disabled people put back in to the economy as employers, workers and consumers; there is a economic benefit too.

I’ll finish my Saturday night post by saying the cuts are necessary, but think about who, what, where, why, when and how. It is socially, economically and legally wrong to under invest in disabled people, even if it is seemingly ok politically.

Please feedback your thoughts on this and share this post anywhere you see fit… Mart


  1. I am with you mate, The cut backs are really starting to take there toll. We are seeing the way it is affecting many of our students, so I’m with you on what you say. It is time they (the Government) realised that they are working against them selves, by taking away the support that happens in the back ground they reduce the amount of payback from the valuable work a lot of disabled people give by being able to work. This is not only from the taxes but all so the reduced medical care and support because they are doing something they want to be doing. Anything we can do let me know, we are with you on this.

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