EEDR: day 8 and 9 – Vilnius access and Back to my roots

A big reason for visiting Vilnius on this trip was for my grandad. My mothers father was born and raised near to Vilnius, Lithuania. He ran away during world war two and eventually settled in Cambridge with my Irish nanna.

The above video was recorded on Sunday 30th September 2012, a little before sunset.

It was on the only full day I had in Vilnius.

One day before we had driven 8 hours from Gdansk in Poland. Having struggled to find an accessible restaurant; we ended up having a later Saturday night! The people in the bars were really cool…

Having caught up on some sleep Sunday we met my friend Matthew’s PA called Gitana. She lives in Vilnius and showed us around with her husband and daughter.

We saw the presidents palace, the cathedral (behind me on the video), St.Anne’s church, a beautiful view over the city and ate lovely crepes. You can see these pictures on my Flickr account below and to the right.

I won’t repeat the video, but I wanted to say a couple of bits I’d learnt after the recording. Also, remember that tomorrow I’m posting a video interview with Lithuanias society for disabled people (for full disability information).

Gitana and Oleg spoke to me for ages about general life in Lithuania:

– Living with communism in the past and now capitalism.

– The fact that some of the laws are stricter than in the UK, but with less enforcement or serious penalties.

– The main area of the economy is transport and textile production.

– Their history is very interesting! It’s been occupied, aggravated and offended by many countries and empires.

I hope you enjoyed the video and will log on for the interview tomorrow.

I will of course gather all of these thoughts more formally after the trip!

As you read this I have driven to Warsaw and am fighting with the hotel for a roll in shower, as promised by expedia, plus I’ve a bad cold 🙁

The trials and tribulations of disabled travel…