Good service: A must for New York deals

If you are planning a trip to The Big Apple, you will want to ensure that you will be getting the best possible service during your stay. When researching the New York deals that are available, take time to read the reviews before making your choice. Receiving poor service while on holiday could spoil an otherwise enjoyable trip. Here DealChecker share some tips for disabled travellers.

The Hilton in Times Square offers many services for the differently abled. There is ramped access for wheelchairs, plus the showers are suitable for wheelchair users. The hotel is also suitable for those with visual or hearing impairments. There is Helmsley Park Lane Hotel near Central Park, and The New York Palace in Manhattan, which both offer facilities for the differently abled. The staff are friendly and accommodating, so you should be able to receive assistance if required. There are many other New York Hotels that offer these facilities, these are just a few examples. It is advisable to contact the hotel before booking, to ensure that their facilities are suitable for your needs.

There are many attractions in New York with facilities for the differently abled. The Statue of Liberty is accessible to wheelchair users up to the 86th floor, unfortunately the upper viewing platforms cannot be accessed by those in wheelchairs. Central Park has very good access, with miles of paths suitable for wheelchair users. Access is available to the Strawberry Fields Memorial area, and Central Park Zoo. The Metropolitan Museum of Art also has easy access, as well as listening devices and large print for exhibitions. Some museums offer special tours for those with mobility, visual or hearing impairments. Before visiting an attraction, if may be worth contacting them to see what they offer.

New York has a huge choice of restaurants, most of which will have some form of wheelchair access. You may find, however, that the definition of ‘wheelchair friendly’ can vary greatly between establishments. By law, restaurants need to have a wheelchair accessible bathroom, but this does not necessarily mean that other parts of the restaurant are suitable for wheelchair users. Some of the restaurants that are recommended, both for accessibility and attentiveness of staff, are Eleven Madison Park, Five Points and Gotham Bar and Grill.

The idea of travelling around New York can be daunting, especially for someone who has accessibility concerns. New York is quite well equipped for the needs of the differently abled. The buses are accessible by wheelchair users, and many subway stations have facilities such as ramps, visual display signs and audio features.

The good news is that New York is much more accommodating to the needs of the differently abled than it used to be, so many attractions have easy access. The hotels in the area are also extremely accommodating too. The owners of the hotel have the customers needs in mind at all times. Most hotels in the area have lift access, and even queen size mattress bed’s as they know how tiring New York can be when you are touring around sightseeing.

We hope you enjoy your time in New York, and that you found this post useful!

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  1. And the Hampton Inn in West 31st Street, a downscale Hilton chain member is lovely. Small but perfectly formed with an accessible room or two with roll in shower. Staff are great too. Much cheaper than the Hilton and well positioned midtown to access everywhere. My power chair will do large distances – up to the Met at 5th & 88th, through and around the park and back via Hell’s Kitchen for dinner without loss of a battery light.

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