Why So Serious?

Judging by my Goldie Looking Chain reference on social media recently, it’s fair to say I don’t think life has to be taken too seriously.

But is that at odds with professionalism and productivity?

Well, that depends. If your jokes lack humour, offend someone, or detract from your purpose; then yes it’s at odds with where you want to be.

However if your jokes make people chuckle, are harmless, and help land your point better; its not just good to have fun on the job, it can actually help land the social impact you’re looking for.

For me, a day being too serious, meeting boring people, and working on mundane projects is not the life I want. I like work. Not only do I help change the world, I get to do it my way. With my kind of people.

So how do you keep work fun and enjoyable? Or do you disagree with me, and think laughter is for after hours?

Martyn Sibley

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