Welcome to Purple Power

It’s here! The first post of my new Purple Power newsletter. Thanks for continuing this inclusion journey with me.

In some ways you can expect similar things in these posts to when I first started blogging in 2009. Education on barriers that disabled people. Solutions from across the world. Why disability inclusion is good for everyone. My musings. My adventures. My inclusion journey.

Where things are different, why I decided to launch a brand new mailing list and give this newsletter a new fancy title, sit around a clarity in my thinking the last year or so. Through growing Purple Goat, through a pandemic and economic shocks, through tech innovation like web3, and through all sorts of other change. I’m really energised to publish more content, build a solutions oriented community and push for true inclusion.

I like that disability has a colour, purple, to give it imagery and regal metaphors. However I love purple because it’s a mixture of blue and red. Beyond the disability rights drum I’ve banged for years, I want to bang a bigger louder drum of inclusion for everyone. This has to be politically and economically bi partisan. Common sense answers, to benefit everybody.

We need more societal accountability. We need more truth to be shared and heard. We need more co creation and participation from all people. Not just a few powerful CEOs and politicians.

So whilst I’m still disabled and fighting for my personal inclusion. Whilst 1.3bn other people globally are disabled and fighting for their inclusion. This newsletter is all of that and more. Purple Power is about justice and prosperous living for everyone. So we all can flourish on this planet sustainably waaaaaay in to the future.

I appreciate some of this is lofty. It’s more of a scene setter. Future posts will include my news, news from the disability community (both individual challenges and change makers campaigns), positive actions in business and politics, and much more.

As always please let me know what interests you and anything I can do to help. For example an email from a subscriber yesterday about issues getting on a bus lead to this on twitter. I’ll keep you posted if I get that call with Arriva.

I hope this has helped clarify a bit more what Purple Power is and can be. I’m really excited about it. Until the next post, take care and keep on purpling up the world 💜