All inclusive and accessible Tenerife

In full transparency, Limitless Travel paid for my expenses to Tenerife. However you’ll notice I share the trip through my own lens. I hope you find it useful.

So I’ve written a few times about Tenerife, but this is a very different article! Not only was I working with Limitless Travel, I saw new parts of the island, and nailed my favourite karaoke tune!

Let’s go back to the start…

I’ve been travelling and blogging about my adventures since August 2009. I love seeing new places, meeting new people, and sharing accessibility (both good and bad). So when Angus (founder of Limitless) asked me to go and experience one of their tours, it was a no brainer!

Group holidays

I have to say I’ve always been unsure of group trips. When I always strive for inclusion, having only disabled people (and their family/friends) being together seemed, well a bit exclusive. To be honest, even general group trips made me think “who might you get stuck with for a week”.

I’m really glad I pushed through these concerns. Our group was so much fun. We often ate and had a drink together. Learning about each others stories and swapping travel experiences.

Equally we all had our own pace and chose which parts of the itinerary suited us. Sometimes taking it easy by the pool or beach solo. It was a perfect balance.

Our Itinerary

I understand some of the other Limitless tours are more set. For example the bus trips have very particular timings with transport and attractions.

In Tenerife, as mentioned above, we had more flexibility. Nonetheless I wanted to try out a few of the options.

Monkey Park

On my first full day, accompanied by my PA Melody, our tour manager Lucy, as well as a few other tour members; we headed to the nearby monkey park.

There were a lot of monkeys! As you’d expect. We were even given food to feed them, as they swung around in enclosed areas. There were also an enormous amount of other species. From crocodiles, to birds, to Guinea pigs. We had a whale of a time 🙂

Pool, Beach and Refreshments

There was a couple of days to sit around the accessible pool (with its hoist). As well as take a st/roll down to the accessible beach. Where theres wooden slates to take my wheelchair nearer the sea.

As all good holidays should have, there was an abundance of food and drink! There was a wide variety of choice in the Mar y Sol where we stayed. Plus there were accessible and fun bars/restaurants along the front too.

As mentioned at the beginning, I even got on the mic for karaoke. Like all good last nights, a few of us hit the shots harder, and we really let our hair down! For the record I sung The Kooks – She moves in her own way.

Care Support

It was preferable for me to travel with one of my PAs from home. But Limitless cater for all needs and eventualities.

The tour manager Lucy was accompanied by 2 care PAs. They were all available to support with any needs and eventualities.

I’ve never known of this service before and it worked like a dream. Some people had lower confidence and just knowing support was there made all the difference. Others needed more support at certain times of the day and that was provided too.

Island Tour

Before that rowdy last night, a bigger bus took a group from the hotel on an island tour. It was nice chatting to other disabled people from other countries.

We drove from our resort (Los Cristianos) in the south, to the west for a cafe sea view. Then to the north for lunch, and finally back down the east side for an ice cream, and to our hotel.

You can see my video from this trip on my social media on 8th August 2019. As well as all my daily vlogs that week.

I really enjoyed learning about the history, politics, topography, and culture of Tenerife. This island that I’ve been to many times, but not truly explored until now!

Booking with Limitless

The Canaries are and will always be one of my favourite travel destinations. The good weather, the access and rejuvenation it gives does it for me every time.

It was nice to experience how Limitless support disabled people in many ways when travelling. As well as giving me a chance to experience Tenerife in a new and unique way.

If you’re interested in going on aTenerife tour and you have (or know someone with) a disability, head here for more info. Remember to mention ‘MARTYN100’ and you’ll get £100 off your first booking!

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