Autumnal Change

Its coming! Or is it here already?

I have a love/hate relationship with autumn.

Let’s start with hate. Maybe that’s too strong a term. But as it gets colder and darker, my body aches and I feel more tired.

Just by looking at my feed, you’ll see what an energised and busy summer I just had. So this change isn’t always easy.

Nonetheless there are positives. For example I love the colour of the trees. Red and orange and crunchy…

I also love warm tea with a good book. Particularly yesterday when hearing the rain outside, but not having to face it.

Tonight I’m off to give another talk. You wont know this, but the talk last Thursday with the Goat Agency and then the Hozier concert took a lot. Only yesterday did I feel back to full steam.

So whilst I’m eager to go change the world to another audience at the #marketingmeetup in Cambridge. I’m already embracing that tomorrow will be a lower key day.

In the end seasons come and go. Instead of fighting them, like we also do with change, I’m learning to embrace and adapt to them.

How are you feeling about autumn arriving? What are your tips for adapting to change?

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