Inclusion Revolution

The brilliant founder of #themarketingmeetup Joe Glover invited me to speak in Cambridge.

I have always been passionate for marketing. I’m a good communicator (talk lots!), studied my masters in it, and honestly believe it has the power to change culture.

In my talk I shared my story of breaking barriers (standard), explained how I got in to blogging, and most relevantly showed my vision of an inclusive world through marketing.

Heres how you can help our vision become a reality:

– If you are disabled and feel unheard please follow Disability Horizons and join our tribe. Lots of cool stuff happening!

– If you are a fellow World Changer (social entrepreneur and change maker) please follow Disability Horizons, my Instagram and my LinkedIn. The podcast and coaching is relaunching soon.

– If you work in any business that cares about people, please follow Disability  Horizons, and reach out to me for a chat. We’re offering consultancy and media services for inclusive marketing.

So much is going on at the moment. For me and my amazing team. Some days are tough. But the feedback we’re getting is phenomenal and makes it all worthwhile.

So are you up for joining us on the #inclusionrevolution?

Martyn Sibley

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