Purple Mentors and Joining Dots

Having essentially launched a media and marketing agency in recent weeks. All to forward our vision of an inclusive world. I’ve totally geeked out on inclusive brand marketing.

Last week I read Green Marketing by Jacquelyn Ottman, and learned so much beyond the marketing aspects. The ways in which some companies embraced green consumerism, leaving a huge social impact, was fascinating!

Obviously lots more still to do…

I’m currently reading Inclusion Branding by Debra Ruh. I know all too well the arguments for businesses to buck up their inclusion ideas. But to learn from someone who’s worked with massive brands gives me so much hope and enthusiasm for the social impact our efforts will achieve.

It’s also interesting looking at how the dots of my life are joining up to make sense. I’ve been born disabled. I studied a masters in marketing. My passion for social entrepreneurship burns brightly every day.

I know if I look after myself, maintain my independence (with funding, people and equipment), make time for fun experiences, and continue to surround myself with amazing people; we’re on the precipice of achieving amazing things for inclusion.

All possible because of these random life experiences, and the mentors in these brilliant books!

Martyn Sibley

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