Purple Goat Manifesto

Hello blog and newsletter readers. It’s been a while! I hope you are keeping well?

Hopefully you’ve kept up with my Daily Sib livestreams, live on my social channels everyday at noon. Plus my random ramblings on Instagram and LinkedIn. Otherwise it’s been all systems go with Purple Goat.

To fill you in on everything, I’ve written a simple manifesto that outlines all that we believe since launching in spring. Let me know your thoughts:

1. We believe disabled people should have equal access to all goods, services (including customer service), employment, digital spaces, physical places and to be represented fully in advertising (0.06% disability ads v 22% disability population is wrong)

2. We believe brands are more aware about the opportunity a 1.3bn person and $8 trillion market size offers, but are not embracing this due to fear

3. We believe the fear comes from historical narratives of disability. In particular around charity, pity, segregation, poverty and inequality. These narratives are finished

4. As brands change their approach to inclusion, the value of disabled people is realised. This is to the benefit of everyone

5. We believe brands should consult disabled people about on our needs and wants. Companies should seek out ideas for new products and marketing initiatives with the disability community

6. We believe disabled influencers hold the key to unlock all of this potential. They can reach and unite the community in a range of skillful ways

7. We believe by uniting disabled consumers with disabled influencers and brands; true change is possible

8. We believe Purple Goat has the right blend of lived experience of disability, knowledge of disabled influencers, and expertise in marketing with brands to drive this change

9. We believe the brands that embrace this opportunity will create a huge positive social good legacy AND see huge benefits to the bottom line of their business

10. We believe the time is now. Who is ready to change the world with us?