What a Week

Things kicked off with bank holiday Monday, and a new personal care assistant starting work with me. Something that always causes anxiety, yet something that’s so fundamental to my life.

Then Kasia had her birthday Wednesday, the day before mine. We’re born in the same year too! So we celebrated her day with a long walk around a nearby lake with Sunny and a picnic. We both had so many cards, presents and well wishes. Thank you everyone.

My big excitement came from @nandosuk. I haven’t been anywhere public like this since March! I was really impressed with their Covid19 changes. I felt safe.

These changes were so good as a wheelchair user too. I was able to order and pay from my phone, and all food/cutlery/sauce were brought as table service.

I felt so empowered and independent ?

Work was so busy again. I managed a little breather this weekend though. Tomorrow Chris is back from a break and we have our new hire starting. Looking forward to a big week for @purplegoatagency tomorrow ?

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