Launching Purple Power

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Today is a very exciting day. I’m launching Purple Power. My new disability inclusion newsletter.

As many of you know, I’ve been very busy and head down building Purple Goat through the pandemic until now. This pioneering disability marketing agency I co founded in 2020 has been phenomenal. I’m proud to say it’s not only off the ground, but absolutely flying!

With an amazing team working with fantastic talent, it’s given me a bit of time to reflect, give more time to this website, and focus on bigger parts of the disability inclusion puzzle.

Don’t worry. I’ll still very much be talking about the need for brands to be inclusive, and overseeing Purple Goat day to day.

But I’ll also be gathering broader perspectives for my inclusion mission. Sharing them here in the Purple Power newsletter.

What you can expect from future posts and updates. I’ll be unpacking books I’ve read, people I’ve met, sharing life and business updates. Overall it’ll be through the prism of business, political and cultural change for disability inclusion.

So as always keep an eye out on and my social media channels. But to make sure you continue to get my posts in your inbox please subscribe HERE. My old mailing list will be deleted after this update is sent.

As always please comment or email me with your thoughts on my news, ask any questions and suggest anything you’d like me to explore.

Thanks for continuing to support my work. Looking forward to changing the world with you in the coming months!


  1. Hi Martyn,

    I hope the launch/re-launch goes well and I look forward to reading them.
    Your subscribe form is done using MailChimp and when you submit the form it brings up one of those horrible captchas which is really frustrating for me as a blind person.
    I know it is possible to remove them with MailChimp though the settings to do so are hidden somewhere.

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