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Gene Keys to unlock inclusion

As a wheelchair user, disability activist and social entrepreneur I’m unwavering in these two perspectives – I didn’t choose to be born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, and I can be more included in society by designing a barrier free world (no steps, no discrimination, no red tape).

However theres another part of my personal and professional journey that’s important to discuss. Personal development/growth/accountability. With the above two points caveated, I’ve always looked for what I have control and influence over. Both for me, and also the disability community.

This focus has taken me through countless books, podcasts, documentaries, courses and events. You may remember my posts on attending Mindvalley university a few years back around this perspective too.

Through and since the pandemic I’ve had some really challenging times. As we all have. It’s been introspection, contemplation and owning my sh*t that’s got me through it. I can honestly say I’ve learned and grown more than ever the past couple of years.

When going on such a journey, and to reap such rewards, its helpful to have tools and/or a guide. One tool and guide I found recently was the Gene Keys and teachings of Richard Rudd.

To dive in to the what, where, when, why, how I was lucky enough to interview Richard on my podcast. Have a listen, let me know your thoughts, and to get your own free Gene Keys profile (or learn more and check out the courses) head here.

Here’s the Spotify link and below is the YouTube video recording: