Celebrating Progress: A Year of Growth, Success, and Inclusion

Hey, everyone. I’m excited to update on the incredible journey I’ve been on lately. As a disabled entrepreneur and changemaker, I believe resilience and determination are huge ingredients for changing the world. I want to highlight the positive strides I’ve made in my personal and professional life, the ongoing success of Purple Goat agency, and the sunny adventures that await me in Poland. Let’s dive into my unwavering excitement for disability inclusion.

Overcoming Challenges

A year ago, I faced numerous challenges, both physical and emotional. But with perseverance and the support of my loved ones, I can proudly say that I’m feeling better than ever. By embracing my abilities and breaking down barriers, I’ve experienced tremendous personal growth. I’ll definitely write a book on everything one day on these personal triumphs.

Purple Goat Agency Progress

Speaking of triumphs, Purple Goat agency, my disability marketing start up, has been flourishing with the support of my incredible team. Together, we’ve shattered glass ceilings and shown that disability isn’t a hindrance but a catalyst for innovation. Our commitment to providing exceptional marketing solutions, while championing disability inclusion, has propelled our agency to new heights. With each project, we’re dismantling barriers and paving the way for a more inclusive business world.

Adventures in Poland: Sun, Laughter, and Family

As I write this, I find myself in beautiful Poland, soaking up the sun and enjoying precious moments with my amazing in-laws. Remember that hilarious incident from last year when I almost fell off the pier? Well, rest assured, my decision making has improved since then! This time, I’m enjoying joyous moments, basking in the warmth of laughter and creating unforgettable memories with my family. These simple pleasures remind me of the beauty life has to offer.

A Bright Future of Inclusion: Change Makers Leading the Way

Looking ahead, I’m filled with excitement and optimism for the future of disability inclusion. This year, remarkable change makers are tirelessly advocating for disabled people. They are dismantling stereotypes, promoting inclusive hiring practices, and pushing for accessibility advancements. Society is becoming more attuned to the unique needs and capabilities of our purple community. Together, we’re creating a world where everyone can thrive and contribute their talents.


Reflecting on the incredible progress made over the past year, I’m reminded of the impact a positive mindset and unwavering determination can have on our lives. From personal growth to professional success, and from joyful adventures, to a brighter future of inclusion. My recent experiences give a great example of patience and focused effort. As a community let’s continue working together, celebrating our triumphs and embracing the chaotic challenges, as we pave the way for a more inclusive and diverse world for ourselves and the next generations.