That New Wave Energy

Have you ever noticed that life seems to go in waves and cycles? That certain elements of health, social activities, work projects and many other things have an ebb and flow? The way our energy, motivation and productivity have different rhythms?

It’s something I’ve been aware of for quite a few years. In particular I remember Chris Cusack and I both having a tough spell a few years ago with care assistants (another part of my life that undulates) and he unforgettably said to me “life has equal amounts of sh*t and sunshine”. I loved his humorous wisdom like this.

More recently I’ve become aware that I’m ending a few cycles lately. There’s been a few life events that seemingly conspired against my preferred wishes, over a period of time. Namely, but not only – starting, and beginning the growth of, a brand new business – challenges around finding awesome care assistants – adapted home considerations – financial pressures – the actual and perceived risks from the pandemic – all resulting in stress – resulting with challenges in my physical health – resulting in anxiety and knock on effects to my self esteem and confidence. Uff!

Bit by bit, I addressed the tangible elements of the above. Both for my inner and outer world. So my reference to a wave/cycle/chapter ending speaks to how in recent months all of the above are in a much much better place. Thankfully. Most importantly relating to my physical health and getting back to my usual happy go lucky self.

I’ve certainly learnt a lot more about adversity, my inner resilience and how life does indeed serve up both “sh*t and sunshine”. It’s all given me a lot of perspective and clarity on what’s important in life. Something I’ve become really grateful for now.

Excitedly, this sense of new beginnings and new chapters has offered me the chance to do something that I have missed. That being – dreaming big! All of my past successes came from dreaming big and diligently working towards that dream.

This weekend I’ve had that ‘new idea energy’. Something I’ve always loved the feel of. Nothing earth shattering or groundbreaking. But yet really fun to play with and a sign of new beginnings.

So I thought I’d share some of my new/renewed goals in no particular order – to do some newer exercises for my hands and arms (my existing routine focuses more on stretching my legs) – a couple of new nutrition products (Amway bars and Huel drinks), particularly for the days I’m out all day working and tend to eat crap food – pause more each day, to give myself time to reflect on what are generally full on non stop days/weeks (the power of mindfulness and meditation has major scientific benefits) – be even more present at social events (historically I’ve had a tendency to think about work a bit too much) – travel more! (I’ve booked my first flight in 2 years for my upcoming 40th birthday) – create more content (I’d blocked myself unnecessarily and dearly missed publishing more about my ideas) – to advise, mentor and teach others from my experiences – to continue steering Purple Goat to further success, alongside the awesome team we now have – to appreciate the sunshine and ironically learn to embrace the future sh*t too 😂

I’m acutely aware we’ve all been affected to greater and lesser extents by the turbulent world we’ve found ourselves in. I’d love to hear your story (either by replying here, through my website contact page, or DMing on my socials.

Most of all I’d love to hear what you’ve personally learned from these recent times, and any new ideas and plans you’re working on. I sense, but I’d love proof, that people are done with this pessimistic nihilism and ready to co-create a better world together.

Hit me up 💜