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Inclusive Policymaking with Celia Chartres-Aris

My Purple Power/Martyn Sibley show podcast is back with another episode. This time I had a phenomenal chat with the brilliant Celia Chartres-Aris (née Hensman) about Inclusive Policymaking.

We touch on so much. In particular why disabled people haven’t had enough representation in politics and policy making. Often including our large and vibrant community has been an after thought and a retro fit.

Todays podcast focus on campaigning and policymaking might seem like a big shift from disability representation in marketing. However as a disabled person and a disability advocate it’s important to show that the representation we lack as citizens is as important as that of consumers.

For example I require independent living policies around social care, wheelchairs and adapted cars so I can run Purple Goat Agency and have my purple pounds for brands’ products and services.

I’ve noticed an interesting shift between the need to have disability voices speaking to policy where ‘the market’ has failed us. Also connecting these same voices to brands, who have the ability to include us better through employment, product/service design and inclusive marketing.

Nothing is separate. Everything is connected. Inclusion is possible?

Listen to the whole episode on Spotify

Watch the podcast with captions on YouTube

Image description: Celia is a white female with shoulder length brown hair, glasses, wearing a white jumper and sat on the left side of the video. Martyn is a white male, with short brown hair, a dark blue jumper sat on the right of the screen