A Huge Purple Update

I don’t know about you, but I’m really feeling that spring energy. With the longer days and creative ideas in abundance, I’m feeling super productive and full of energy. Both personal and professional life feel full of joy and opportunity at the moment. Long may that continue!

I’ve wanted to update on a few work projects the past few weeks, in individual doses. But they’ve all added up, resulting in this bumper purple update! Buckle up for Purple Power, Purple Goat and Purple Collective news…

Purple Power – if you hadn’t caught on, I’ve named the content on my blog, socials and ‘the Martyn Sibley show’ podcast, as Purple Power. It’s a combination of news updates like this, and interviews with powerful change makers in the disability community.

For example you’ll have seen the brilliant Celia Chartres-Aris on my latest episode about inclusive policymaking.

You can get power email updates from martynsibley.com, follow me on all the main socials, and follow the podcast on Spotify/Apple etc under ‘the Martyn Sibley show’.

Purple Goat – There’s literally too much on at our groundbreaking agency to share. We’d need like 20 livestreams to get all the news to you. I can say overall that:

– We’re getting the PG brand more and more out to the brand marketing world. Particularly with our amazing vlog and social content.

– With our Group M and Goat partners, we’re talking to and working with bigger and better brands every day. Plus we’re having conversations with brilliant companies through our own outreach and engagement.

– The types of creative strategy work we do with our clients is ever evolving and improving to ensure they hit their business and marketing goals.

– This means we get to work in innovative ways with diverse disabled creators across all industries.

– All the while finding the right talent for this fast paced agency and learning so much as we go

In a true team effort with Amanda from Group M and Mykayla from Propeller PR we had this article published in Media Leader earlier in the week. Let me know your take away from the piece and anything you’d like to know more about.

Inclusion without exaggeration: How to make disabled people part of the conversation

Purple Collective – This is a new name I’m giving to my disability advocacy and campaigning. None of the projects involve lots of time, but I’ve really enjoyed having some bandwidth for these passion projects, including:

– Rights on Flights. Sophie Morgan and the team invited me to support the campaign for inclusive air travel. Something very important to me with my love of global jet setting, and the unnecessary challenges many of us have when flying. I’ve been helping with some of the strategy, community building, and I’m just dumbfounded the solutions available haven’t been adopted by the industry still. But we’ll get there!

Get involved by following on Instagram, by sharing your stories here, and on the RoF website.

– Lilac review. As you probably have seen I’m on the steering group for the Lilac review on disability entrepreneurship and for disabled founders. It’s been great sharing and passing on my business experience to help remove barriers and encourage the next generation of disabled entrepreneurs.

If you know of any relevant research from the past on this topic please submit it here, or if you have personal experiences to share for the review please head here.

– Social care. Inspired by my chat with Celia, watch out for something soon on the very important topic of social care we’ve cooked up.

– As you can see on the post photo, I’m with friend and colleague David Dew-Veal from Proximo. We had a great time at Naidex in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago, talking about the transport gap and ORA (Open Road Access) providing some flexible rental solutions for WAV users.

Further information available on Ora is available here.

It’s a wrap 

I did warn you! That was a lot to share. I feel lighter for doing so, lol. I’ll try to give shorter and more focused updates going forward. But essentially watch out for Purple Power content and updates, Purple Goat agency fun on our PG socials, and Purple Collective advocacy and campaigning for that all important social-change side dish.

If there’s anything you didn’t fully understand or would like to know more about, please do ask me. Likewise I’d love to hear your news and updates in the change-making and disability inclusion domain.

Catch up soon!