Germany Trip

Well another successful trip away. It sounds terrible but it really is so great when transportation goes well with the wheelchair. As always the blog shows the personal side to the trip, the flickr album shows the sites we saw and the video shows the people and hilarity. Needless to say we had a great time.

So the trip was myself, best mate from uni Rich and my PA Chris travelling to Leipzig Germany to visit one of my uni carers from my 3rd year. We havent seen each other since March nor his family for 3 yrs on my last visit there. Chris helped us both travel and then Rico took care of Rich out there.

We got drenched walking to the Stansted Express which was a bad start but the train and plane were fine. I will say knowing the drill of air travel is good – get there early, make yourself andyour  needs known to special asst. Then on the gate harrass the stewards to double check all is in hand. then with the ‘lift on’ explain your needs to the staff and outline how to use/lift the wheelchair.unfortunaltely my chair was slightly damaged this trip from the handlers but will be ok.

The taxi Rico arranged carried 2 wheelchairs and was the best transfer ever on a holiday. On arrival we had a quick night cap in the Irish bar and met Steffen Hamburger, Crissi (Ricos lady), Mat, Thomas and Kerstin. Really cool guys.

Wednesday we went up the wisdom tooth tower for a view of the city and then visited the Napoleon memorial as the video outlines. The trams were very accessible and made travel superb. We then watched the champions league match over dinner and cocktails.

Thursday was amazing. again the video sums up the day but to see where so much history and politics occurred (and not so long ago was great). I really enjoyed hanging out with Rico and his friends. For me the Reichstag was cool to have the audio guide explain the views so high up. The Reichstag is the German parliament. Also checkpoint Charlie where the American quarter of Berlin was had lots of interesting info. Was a long day but again the trains and asst. went with German efficieny and alles gute…

Friday had a lie in before singstar in the garden, barbecue and then clubbing. Ricos parents and brother were grand in chatting English (my german is nicht gute) and they made us so welcome. Then felix and frohner my 2 PAs from my Masters yr came from 1 1/2 hrs away to visit with felix’s gfriend stephi. They accompanied me to Leipzig 3 yrs ago and was a great reunion.They are the guys at the end of the vlog in our drunken stupour.

So having drank lots we spend Saturday coming back to life before the flight home. I would recomment Leipzig to anyone and contact me if you want the hotel or taxi details.

I will now prepare a big thank you parcel of english goodies for the Reinhardts as a massive thanks. I hope to go again soon too. Preparing to go back to work now. Tschus!