Asking Questions

In our efforts to change the world, spearheaded by these posts (obviously!), we’ve covered a lot of ground.

Topics like getting clarity, not burning out, sharing your experiences, connecting with or even building your own tribe, taking action to make real impact, and continuously learning; are all vital!

One thing we haven’t touched upon thats less obvious, but so so important is…

Asking questions! It doesn’t sound big. Almost a bit meh. But it’s a huge bit of advice if you get it right.

For our work it means asking the Disability Horizons community what matters (hello recent air travel survey). It means asking you, World Changers, what do you need to be a better change maker? It means asking businesses what they dont understand about disabled consumers.

Sometimes it does mean asking tough questions. Sometimes it means going a bit woo woo and asking yourself questions. Sometimes it means spending time thinking up the most appropriate questions.

Here we are articulating the importance of curiosity. Let’s be more childlike, more open minded and more open to new ways.

I can promise you,it not only leads to more impact, but lots more fun too!

What are your thoughts on the idea of simply asking more questions?

Martyn Sibley

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