Broken Equipment. Broken System

As if by magic, following my post yesterday, my ceiling hoist that lifts me broke down this morning!

Luckily I had a second travel hoist in the shed. Meaning I could get out of bed. But it’s not a permanent fix in the house.

In trying to get it fixed, I’ve experienced the following:

– The company who sold it and installed it no longer do servicing and have access to very few parts

– They suggested another company who gave me a guys email who couldn’t help because of where we both are in the country (too far to travel)

– The company who cover the local council hoists can’t help me because I’m a private client (willing to pay them)

– Three or four other companies won’t help either because they didn’t install it or because of geography

– I’m yet to hear back from the council

Whilst the travel hoist gets me between my chair and bed, I really need the hoist mended for the bathroom. You know, the basic needs we humans have.

If you know anyone who could help please let me know about them. Otherwise this serves as another peak behind the scenes of a disabled entrepreneur in 2023.