Martyn taking a selfie in his wardrobe mirror wearing a brown jumper, dark grey joggers and light grey shoes

Shifting Perspectives

I’ve been doing some serious procrastination over my Purple Power newsletter. So I’ve decided, through a bunged up Sunday afternoon, to just write whatever comes out. Apologies if the outcome is more akin to my cold 😂

It’s actually quite similar to when I launched my blog in 2009. I had so many things to say about disability inclusion and from many different perspectives. AJ and Melissa, who helped me set up and explained the power of blogging, said exactly the same thing then. Just write and see how everything opens up.

The reason I’ve got in to a similar muddle now is multi faceted. Up until the very much discussed pandemic in 2020, I’d had a decade of sharing essentially the same message. Which led to things like Disability Horizons, Accomable, media appearances, travel blog projects, writing a book, etc. Definitely mission accomplished on many fronts.

The launch of Purple Goat alongside the lockdowns changed my life in many ways (and definitely for the positive). It’s taken the past year to really piece together where I’m at. Reflecting on what happened the past three years. How the world has changed. How I’ve changed. Who I’ve become. Who I want to still become. The challenges disabled people face. The challenges all people face. The need to rethink a lot of societal norms. So much to work on!

Through the initial fog and rubble, various things started to come together in 2022. Thankfully I got through a nasty bout of covid myself, and the Purple Goat team grew in numbers and confidence. We’ve really achieved so much it’s unbelievable.

As a consequence these two seismic life events were more in hand. From there I managed to steady my disability foundations (care, equipment, funding and so on), I started to feel more and more safe in larger social settings, I created a better work-life balance, spending more quality time with loved ones.

Essentially I found balance and got my full self back!!!

Now, despite some mid February sniffles, I’m feeling great. My embodiment and leadership coaching with David Brown has paid dividends. More on this in an upcoming post – a podcast chat with David about the work we’ve done. All resulting in clarity on my current and future priorities at Purple Goat, and what kind of life I want to build heading in to my 40th birthday this year.

Purple Power is a part of this unraveling. Through the contemplations I’ve had over the past 3 years, I’m clearer than ever on the message I want to share for the next decade and beyond!

It integrates everything in my personal life and disability inclusion career up to now, but with some new models and ways of thinking. Fit for the post pandemic world we find ourselves in. Disability inclusion has to continue with the medical and social model lessons learned in the past, but also to understand business, politics and cultural factors in the modern world.

It’s time to find the win:win:wins. I know through Purple Goat, Purple Power, Purple Changemakers and Purple Ventures we’ll do it. Its really exciting to see how all of this can develop. Of course I’ll be explaining a lot more on everything in future posts.

Not all posts will be deep or serious, some will still be humorous and adventurous as before. Simply a fresher, energised and upgraded approach to my blogging and mission.

This post particularly is an improved attempt of articulating this newsletter and that my main aim is to create conversations with you, spark new ideas, and be open to anything and everything through the process.

Are you up for helping me on this important quest? 💜