Life update to flow state

One way or another I’ve felt very blocked from a writing perspective. Which is always doubly frustrating thinking back a few years when I literally couldn’t stop myself from publishing. The reasons vary over time from doubling down on Purple Goat, having some non work priorities to focus on, to more recently just overthinking and grappling with regaining the habit. Content creation really is like a muscle that needs regular stimulation.

So I figured a good old fashioned life update would be a solid start back to flow!

I finally returned to Tenerife a couple of weeks ago after all too long. Plus it was my first flight in two years, the last trip being to Barcelona. So all in all I am very happy that the flights went well, the weather was beautifully hot and I had a much needed recharge of the batteries during some special family time.

In other less work related news, my life long support of Tottenham Hotspurs has seemingly shifted a little positively. Apologies to the non football lovers here! But alongside the general optimism and stylish football at the club, I have been lucky to go to our amazing stadium for both the Liverpool and last night’s Fulham match. We actually vlogged last night, so keep an eye out for that.

As is now commonplace, there is truly never a dull moment at Purple Goat. We’ve had some great publicity, another award, lots of positive chats with our friends at group m, lots of client campaigns, growth in the team (both in numbers but also growth in leadership and skills), and recently a purple party for the influencers we have worked with over the past year. I really can’t say enough how impressed and proud I am of the team for all we continue to achieve.

Alongside the capability, confidence and growth within the agency, I’ve had more bandwidth for things like appearing on different podcasts, attending industry meetings in person, and advising on some really interesting projects. My Non Executive Director role at Proximo is a cool opportunity to impact the future of accessible transport. Plus I’ve been involved in quite a few conversations on how to support disabled founders and disability focused businesses in the future.

I’ve got quite a busy November lined up. Which I’m hoping to share a little more content as things happen. I’m speaking at an event in London, an event in San Marino, guest lecturing for Leicester university’s disability entrepreneurship course, going on a PG senior management team away day, and all sorts of other fun and world-changing activities in-between I’m sure.

As always I hope you are creating lots of mischief too, and I’m always available to answer any questions or share particular things you would like to hear more about. So please do let me know anything on your mind and in your world! 💜

Feature image description:

Top left – Martyn sat in his older wheelchair that’s used for flying sat on the beach with an orange juice dressed in blue shorts, t shirt and flat cap

Top right – Martyn and Matt from Goat up close in a selfie with the Tottenham match playing behind them

Bottom left – Martyn and Dom posing in front of a white background with sponsor logos from the parliament accessible aviation event in September

Bottom right – almost all of the Purple Goat team in 3 rows smiling in the photo area at the recent purple party